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Brian DuSell

/ˈbɹaɪən duˈsɛl/

I am a PhD student in David Chiang's natural language processing research group at the University of Notre Dame. My primary research focus is on incorporating simulations of nondeterministic pushdown automata into neural networks to improve machine learning on human languages. My interests lie generally in syntax, machine translation, and neural networks.


  • My paper with David Chiang, "Learning Context-Free Languages with Nondeterministic Stack RNNs", has been accepted to CoNLL 2020 and is now available on arXiv! The code is available on GitHub.
  • I've released an update to my semiring einsum package, a PyTorch package that allows you to do einsum in different semirings, with significant performance improvements and published it on PyPI. Just pip install torch-semiring-einsum!
  • I finished up a (remote) internship with the awesome Amazon Translate team in NYC. Thanks for a great summer!


  • DuSell, B., & Chiang, D. (2020). Learning Context-Free Languages with Nondeterministic Stack RNNs. Proc. CoNLL.
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  • University of Notre Dame seal

    University of Notre Dame

    Ph.D., Computer Science
    Advisor: David Chiang
  • University of Notre Dame seal

    University of Notre Dame

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, magna cum laude

Industry Experience

  • AWS logo

    Applied Scientist Intern

    Jun-Sep 2020
    Amazon Web Services
    Team: Amazon Translate
  • Oak Financial Software Corp. logo

    Software Developer

    Oak Financial Software Corp.
  • NetApp logo

    Member of Technical Staff

    Data Protection Group
  • NetApp logo

    Software Engineering Intern

    Summer 2012
    Wolverine Trading


  • Nondeterministic Stack RNN

    PyTorch implementation of our Nondeterministic Stack RNN model, as well as other Stack RNN models.

  • Semiring Einsum

    Python package for efficiently performing einsum operations in different semirings in PyTorch.

  • Jishosen

    Online Japanese-English dictionary.

See more on my GitHub page.

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